We cooperate with partners from the Schnals Valley, from the rest of South Tyrol, and from the rest of Italy, Europe, and even Asia.

Museums and Loaners

The arrangement and loan of exhibitions and objects, the organization of events, the exchange of knowledge and experience, and the formation of procurement groups are areas in which we are pleased to collaborate with colleagues from the museum sector. We are especially pleased that we have been able to cooperate again and again with so many of the institutions on the list since 2000.

All museums and collections in South tyrol: www.museen-suedtirol.it/en


Many committed heads and hands were involved in the archeoParc concept and its implementation:


Again and again, we are pleased to offer event formats in the area of nature interpretation and intercultural communication along with a variety of partners. Sometimes we set up an exhibition here in the Museum along with students and teachers.

Replicas and Ancient Technology

Without the work of experimental archaeologists and archaeological technicians, our own work would be inconceivable. These are the people behind our practical knowledge and the replicas and reconstructions in our Museum:

Donors and Sponsors

Even though we are proud that we are able to cover 60% of our budget by ourselves, what would we be without the public funds and the private benefactors who support us with money or in the form of payments in kind and raw materials? Public funding 2018: https://www.archeoparc.it/documents/contributiappalti18

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Accommodations and Catering

Many people come from far away and stay in our area for several days: speakers, curators of exhibitions, and participants in conferences, excursions, and events. There is a long list of those who help us in taking care of, accommodating, and feeding them and our other visitors. At the very top are those hospitality establishments which again and again offer packages that include admission to our facilities. Have we failed to notice that your company or operation also describes us online and links to us, offering your guests admission to the archeoParc as an inclusive package (admission tickets on commission)? Then you have our apologies, and please let us know right away! We will be pleased to include you in our partner list.


Currently no media partners

Physical Plant and Grounds

These are the people with whom we deal in regard to the physical plant for the building, photography, videos, our website, the trees and bushes in the open-air exhibition areas, and the fish in the pond: