Would you like to reserve a tour for adults?

For those who wish to discover the archeoParc with a guide, the intercultural communication team offers a variety of tours in German, Italian, and English.

Warm-up (20 min.)
Appetizer (40 min.)
Ötzi Fire (90 min., standard tour)

With practical work:
Stone Age Fever (90 min.)
Substantial (120 min.)

In collaboration with our coffee bar:
Effervescent (60 min.)
Sweet (90 min.)

As an alternative, we will be pleased to put together an offer according to your desires and time schedule. Please just contact us!


Warm up
archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Elena Serina


(e1) Introduction with Fire-Making Demonstration

We will meet in a Stone Age house for a brief presentation of our premises and you will see, hear, and smell how Ötzi made fire. The ideal start for the subsequent visit on your own…

Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: ticket (min 75 euros), presentation free of charge
! please note: reservations are nevertheless required
reservation and useful inforamtion

archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Peter Santer


(e2) Brief Tour

Skimming is what we call a speed-reading technique. Our “Appetizer” tour is the invitation to a speed visit. Therefore, should we perhaps call it a “skimming visit”?

Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: ticket +3 euros (min 120 euros)
! We recommend this tour for visitors for whom standing for long periods of time is strenuous.
This tour may only be booked by two groups in parallel.
reservation and useful inforamtion

Ötzi Fire

(e3) Standard Tour with Fire-Making Demonstration

The devil may be in the details, but… For those for whom going into depth is at least as important as an overview, we will show our permanent exhibition and the open-air area in one hour. We will go into depth on selected themes. Time for questions. The tour concludes with a fire-making demonstration.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: ticket +6 euros (min 160 euros)
reservation and useful inforamtion

archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Peter Santer

Stone Age Fever

(e4) Overview Tour with a Small Archery Tournament

What would Ötzi and his contemporaries be without a bow and arrows? You will notice the fact that Stone Age hunting fever continues to be buried within us at the latest when you draw a wooden longbow yourself for the first time. After the overview tour, then things get going at the archery range… Small prize for the winner.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: ticket course 1, 2 and 3 +7 euros (min 280 euros)
We recommend this tour to visitors who spend a lot of time with each other, such as a company or club excursion.
reservation and useful inforamtion


(e5) Standard Tour with Practical Workshop

Following the standard tour (see the “Ötzi Fire” tour), you can try out drilling through rock with a flint tool or sewing a pouch out of leather. When you take your finished piece home, it will remind you of your excursion into the Stone Age.

Duration: 120 minutes
Cost: ticket course 1, 2 and 3 +8 euros (min 300 euros)
reservation and useful inforamtion


Together, the Museum education team and the Museumscafé offer:



(e6) Activity Tour with Aperitif

Ötzi and Hugo. Both ice cold, and both started their triumphal march from here out into the world… One of them liberated from the local glacier, the other served for the first time by a clever bartender on a balmy summer evening at the entrance to the valley.

We present Ötzi’s tools over a Hugo cocktail. After that, you can try them out yourself and witness their properties. Hard material tests await the tool replicas, which we have produced in larger numbers especially for this tour.
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: ticket +7 euros (min 180 euros)
reservation and useful inforamtion



(e7) Tour with Coffee and Apple Strudel

Simply astounding, the knowledge of the glacier man and his contemporaries. In comparison with photographic evidence of indigenous peoples, we attempt to reconstruct the picture of Stone Age life…

Some say that Walter, the pastry chef of our valley, makes the world’s best apple strudel! It’s best if you take a seat yourself right away in the Museumscafé and convince yourself with a slice of strudel and a cup of coffee. The tour guide will then tell several anecdotes about the history of Ötzi’s discovery and will be pleased to stay and chat with you for a while.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Cost: ticket +9 euros (min 210 euros)
This tour is especially suitable for visitors with limited mobility.
This tour cannot be booked in parallel.
reservation and useful inforamtion