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  • And the winner of the 10th tournament in val Senales valley is…

    Saturday: At the archery competition of the European Championship for Prehistoric Weapons in Val Senales valley the winner in the category men is Kuno Bay (CH), followed by Stefan Kuen (A) and Joachim Martz (D). In the category women prevailed Marlen Mischler (CH), Conny Heinzelmann (CH) and Bärbel Berhorst (D) are in second and third place. In the category children Liam Lukas (D) won the tournament ahead of Tom Lukas (D) and Layan Kuen (A).

  • Visits from Australia

    On July 11th a delegation from Willandra national parc in Australia visited the indoor-exhibitions and openair area of archeoParc Val Senales. Archaeologists, anthropologists and representatives of aborigine’s groups gathered information about the conservation and handling of the Iceman. At the Willandra national parc, which is an UNESCO world heritage place, many human fossils were found and now it is planned to build a centre for their conservation.

  • Do you have the Museumobil Card?

    Then come and visit the archeoParc!
    The Museumobil Card provides one admission to the archeoParc. Show the ticket at the entrance and you’ll get a free daily ticket parcours 1, 2 and 3.

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  • COVID-19 Info

    The pandemic and measures to protect ourselves and others from it have been with us since the spring of last year, as have the efforts to respectfully coexistence with those who are more afraid of infection than we are.  At the archeoParc, we have agreed upon the following rules of conduct and procedures based upon the regulations of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and our particular circumstances.

    Thanking you for your understanding, I wish you and all of us all the best!
    Johanna Niederkofler

    Opening times
    We are currently open on certain days of the week.  The current opening hours may be found on the pages Useful Information and Today.

    Currently restricted due to governmental guidelines: For museum visits and employments a valid COVID-19 certificate (“green pass”) is requested. Exceptions: children up to 12 years, school classes who don’t come into contact with other visitors, acquiring information (e.g. Aperitivo Ötzi Glacier Tour), shopping.

    For the access to the cable car during the Ötzi Glacier Tour currently the possession of a valid COVID-19 certificate is compulsory.

    Closed areas and daily offers
    Hands-on area “How Ötzi Looked”
    House Villanuova sul Clisi-Monte Covolo
    Baking bread
    Grinding flour

    No reservations are currently necessary for a visit to the archeoParc. In order to avoid crowds at critical locations, you will receive a reservation for a specific time at the ticket office for some of the daily offers, such as for the fire-making demonstration.

    Guided tours for groups
    If you would like to visit us with a group in the near future and would like a guided tour, you can choose from the following offers and reserve dates during or outside of our current opening times:

    c1: “Corona” special guided tour for max. 10 people
    Duration: 40 min. during opening hours
    Cost: Admission + flat rate for the guide of 35 euros

    c2: “Corona” welcome and introduction at the museum forecourt
    Duration: 20 min during opening hours
    Cost: Admission + 0 euros

    c3: Special tour with “Corona School”  short workshop for school classes
    Duration: 120 min outside opening hours
    Cost: 8 euros

    c4: Introduction and “Corona School Open-Air” short workshop for school classes in the open-air area
    Duration: 90 min
    Cost: 8 euros

    Our regular offers for groups cannot be completely booked for dates in the very near future and in any case not before the end of the national emergency. However, we will be happy to put together a special program for your group out of program elements that are compatible with our security protocols. For dates next spring, for example, we are happy to accept reservations without any restrictions. Please contact us!

    Events and functions
    Sunday afternoon craft demonstrations scheduled for this year have been postponed until the 2022 museum season. All events that have currently been confirmed may be found on the Calendar page.

    Rules of conduct for a visit to the archeoParc
    – Avoid grouping together and keep your distance
    – Wear a mouth and nose covering where a personal distance of 1 meter is not possible
    – Wash or disinfect hands

    Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance, restrooms, and from the staff if you do not have any with you. Mouth and nose coverings are available in the Bookshop as needed.


  • 9th Prehistoric Championship in Val Senales valley

    Thank you all for the great tournament! Find here some of the fantastic pics Peter took during the weekend and download the ranking list.

    See you next year at Val Senales Championship on 24-25 September!

    Find more photos here: Google photo share

  • And the winner is…

    On this Saturday, about 70 participants competed at the European Championship for Prehistoric Weapons. In the category Men Kuno Bay (Switzerland) got the best result, while Joachim Martz (Germany) and Federico Albertoni (Italy) landed in second place. The winner in the category Women is Marlen Mischler (Switzerland) ahead of Helena Martz (Germany) and Conny Heinzelmann (Switzerland). Also the young archers shot like professionals. In the category Children Liam Lukas (Germany) won the tournament, followed by Tom Lukas (Germany) and Gabriel Gulde (Germany).

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Thomas Huber (Huberbuam)

    What more could you ask for: fantastic weather, wonderful views and great company! Find here some pics of the memorable Ötzi Glacier Tour with the Bavarian climber Thomas Huber:

    The participants got a link to all pictures Peter took. Please contact us, if something didn’t work:


  • Ötzi Glacier Tour and more with Thomas Huber

    Thomas Huber

    private, Archiv Huberbuam

    Together with his brother Alex or on his own, the Bavarian Speed climber and author Thomas Huber is well-known and appreciated for several expeditions and first ascents. On 6th of July the UIAGM Mountain Guide will attend the Ötzi Glacier Tour and share his love for the mountains with the participants.
    Information and reservation online or by phone (+39 0473 67 60 20)

    Some side-events are planned in collaboration with the tourism coop. Val Senales and the tourism coop. Naturno:
    5th of July, 21:00: Projection of the movie “Am Limit” in the community house of Madonna di Senales (to be confirmed)
    6th of July, 20:30: Multimedia presentation by Thomas Huber in the city hall of Naturno
    The side-events are hold in German language.

  • The archeoParc bread quiz games

    What are the basic ingredients of bread? Where do the different bread specialities come from? With what cereals do you can bake bread? Here you can finde some nice quiz games about bread, fitting the subject of our this year’s special exhibition.
    Have fun!


  • 8th Prehistoric Championship in Val Senales valley

    Thank you all for the great weekend spent together! Find here some of the pictures Peter took during these days and download the ranking list.

    See you next year at Val Senales Championship on 26-27 September!

    Find more photos here: Google photo share

  • And the winner is…

    Saturday: At the archery competition of the European Championship for Prehistoric Weapons in Val Senales valley the winner in the category men is, just like the last years, Kuno Bay (CH), followed by Hartmut Herrmann (D) and Klaus Zimmermann (D).
    In the category women prevailed Marlen Mischler (CH), Bärbel Berhorst (D) and Sabine Mattasch (D) are in second and third place.
    In the category children Caspar Zimmermann (D) won the tournament ahead of Helena Martz (D) and Tom Lukas (D).

  • We are celebrating the Ötzi Discovery Day 2019

    The 19th September 1991 a german couple found on the Val Senales glacier a death body. It turned out that this was a sensational discovery: the Iceman, how he is now called, lived in our region more than 5000 years ago and so he is Europe’s oldest mummy.
    Now the time has come again to celebrate this special day! We invite you to celebrate Ötzi’s “birthday” with a special program:

    free admission, guidet tours during the day and a small birthday gift
    (more information)

    Funivie Ghiacciai Val Senales
    reduction on the regular ticket price.
    (more information)


  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Simon Messner

    Find here some pictures of the trip to the discovery site of the Iceman on the 3th of September:


    All pictures: Google photo share

  • Music & campfire

    How would you like to end the day? Sitting around the campfire, having some cool drinks and listening to music?
    Three passionate musicians from the upper Val Venosta valley are playing and singing self-composed songs in local dialect. The songs and poems describe the life of a travelling folk, the so called “Korrner”. These poor families travelled around the country with their handcarts, working as broom maker, tinker, merchants or musicians.
    The songs where first pubblicated by Luis Stefan Stecher in 1978 and afterwards set to music by Ernst Thoma. The lyrics talk about the hard life of this people, their memory of the land they where forced to leave but also about the great freedom of this travelling folk.

    Ernst Thoma – guitar, voice
    Martha Rauner Stecher – voice
    Hannes Ortler – clarinet, melodica, flute, ocarina

    Further information relative to the concert from the 9th of September you find here




  • A visit to the construction site in August 2019!

    Work in Progress!!! The new Archery area and the neolithic house reconstructions of Parma-Via Guidorossi:

  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Simon Messner

    Tuesday, 3th September, Simon Messner, alpinist and film-maker, will participate together with the alpine guide Robert in a special appointment of the Ötzi Glacier Tour.

    Further information and application

  • Visitor images from the Ötzi Glacier Tour July 2019


  • Visitor’s Book July 2019

    Ein sehr schönes, inspirierendes Museum! Vielen Dank! – Familie Oleanius aus Berlin und Frankfurt

    É stato belissimo il museo. Anche la parte fuori mi é piaciuta molto. – Alberto

    Ein wirklich herausragendes Museum. Vielen Dank für einen tollen Tag. – Familie Brandenburg aus Wuppertal

    Bellissimo parco sia per i picolini che per i grandi – Famiglia Giovani, Vada-Livorno

    Eine sehr schöne Austellung, besonders für die Kinder. Sie sind total begeistert. Wir werden es weiter empfehlen! – Miri, Mathias

  • Visitor’s Book June 2019

    Mit großer Begeisterung durchstreiften wir diese tolle Einrichtung. Jung und Alt hatten sehr viel Spaß und verbrachten hier eine schöne Zeit – Familie Volkland aus Gera

    Man erfährt sehr viel über Ötzi und wie man damals gelebt hat. Sehr schön für Kinder gestaltet und tolle Informationen – Victoria

    Heute zum dritten Mal in Folge hier. Die Kinder sind total begeistert! – Familie Meusel aus Erlangen

  • Vernissage temporary exhibition

    Look at some pictures from the opening of the new temporary exhibition at the archeoParc!

  • Flint Knapping Symposium 2019

    A big thank you to all the participants and those who helped for this great event at the archeoParc!
    Find here some pictures of the conference:


    We hope that we’ll soon be seeing each other again!


  • Visitor’s Book May 2019

    Immer wieder ein Erlebnis! – 5a aus Kaltern

    Es hat uns sehr gefallen. Wir haben viel Spaß gehabt. Es war sehr interessant! – Marion, Lisa, Patrick und Karl, Klasse 3a

    Das war der tollste Ausflug der ganzen Welt. – 3/4/5 Klasse Oberplanitzing Kaltern A.D.W.

    Grazie per questa bella giornata che ci avete fatto passare. – Classe 3 di Trepalle

  • Demonstration on prehistoric meet drying

    Friday, 10 may Philipp Schraut, museum educator and archeoParc collaborator, presented prehistoric food preservation methods and showed meet drying over fire.


  • A stop at the archeoParc from the EXARC Conference participants

    Very nice people! Lots of laughter and interesting conversations! Thank you for visiting us!

  • Visitor’s Book April 2019

    Es war wunderbar! Tolles Erlebnis! Bis demnächst mal wieder. – Emilio, Stella Shila, Stefania und Diethard aus Rochlitz/Sachsen

    Toll aufbereitete Geschichte für Klein & Groß! – Frank und Birgit aus Kelkheim

    É stato divertissimo – Sebastian, 4a

  • International Museum Day 19.05.2019

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkfofler

    Ship ahoy!

    Already prehistoric people constructed boats to cross rivers and other waters. Beside the rests of wooden canoes, archeologists have also found little boats made from bark. Who knows, maybe they were toys … And you, ready for a trip with the canoe and to make a small wooden boat by yourself?

    10:00-17:00 o’clock             activities

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