Would you like to stay around for a few more hours? Here you will find some tips on activities that are close by to your museum visit:



A visit to the museum can easily be combined with a small hike: examples include Karthaus-Unser Frau (approx. 1 ½ hours), around the Vernagt Stausee reservoir (approx. 2 hours), Unser Frau-Mastaunalm Alpine meadow-Unser Frau (approx. 2 hours).

>Certosa-Madonna [pdf]
>Around the Vernagt Stausee reservoir [pdf]
>Mastaun Alp [pdf]


Romping and munching

A playground and a soccer field next to the Museum offer ample room to romp around. We will be pleased to let you borrow our activities box. Please inquire at the counter.

If it’s raining, you will find shelter with your group, for example, under the village band pavilion right at the square in front of the Museum.



For lunch, restaurants, inns, and open farmhouses on Alpine meadows are available nearby for you and your group.
>Restaurants and Alpine Refuges in Val Senales valley

For children’s groups, we have arranged set prices for simple meals with two restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the Museum (a three minute walk):
>Restaurant Tonzhaus
>Restaurant Adlernest


Other visits and activities for groups

The Val Senales Tourist Office and the Val Senales Cable Car organize tours in the Unser Frau pilgrimage church (300 m away), through the former Carthusian monastery Allerengelberg (5 km), or on the glacier (10 km).
> Val Senales Tourist Office

Student workshops are also offered in our area by the Oberniederhof school farm (1 km) and the Ötzi Rope Park tight rope course (6 km).
>Ötzi Rope Park



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