Since the very beginning of our existence, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, RAI, ORF, ZDF, and other large and small European and American broadcasters have made use of our open-air area as the backdrop for productions on the subject of the Iceman.

The three Copper Age house models, their fireplaces, the clay dome oven, and the copper smelting area are the favorite subjects of our premises. What is characteristic with us for the photos and videos is our surroundings: the larch forest that is adjacent to our open-air area and the view of the site where Ötzi was discovered and the surrounding mountain peaks. In addition to the tourist promotions of our region, the following international documentaries and feature files were shot here:
The Iceman (2002)
Iceman: Hunt for a Killer (2004)
Iceman’s Death (2007)
Mystery of the Iceman (2011)


Permission for Photography and Video Recording

Unless indicated otherwise, the photographing and filming for private use without a tripod is permitted. This is subject to the condition that you do not disturb the regular operation of the museum.

With authorization, you may use our “Stone Age Village” as the scenery for feature films, documentary films, interviews, etc. For permission for photography and video recording, please contact the museum management.
>Request form [pdf]

Your photography or video recording will be free of charge:

  • if clear reference is made in your product to the Val Senales valley, to South Tyrol, Italy; and to the archeoParc Val Senales,
  • if the photos or videos are used for non-commercial purposes,
  • if during the photography or video recording, the regular museum operation can continue, and
  • if it can be concluded within the agreed-upon timeframe.

If you are in need of actors, costumes, tools, weapons (the complete Ötzi equipment), food, and/or assistance for the photography or video recording, we will be happy to make available whatever is needed. Request a cost estimate and discuss the necessary lead time with us.

We request that you send us a sample copy of photos or a copy of recordings.

Dr. Simone Bacher
Assistant Director


Useful information

Photography and Video Recordings on Our Premises: The most suitable lighting conditions for photography and video recordings in our open-air area may be found between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon (during the winter: between 9:30 and 11:00 A.M.) If you are planning interior shooting in our actual-sized Copper Age house models, please expect darkness. If desired, we will light the fireplace in one of the houses for you.

Between November and March, there will most likely be snow in our outdoor area. The main building is not heated outside of our regular opening hours. For lengthier working periods, we recommend at all times the wearing of warm clothing and well-insulated footwear.

Shooting at the Discovery Site: Photography and video recording at the site where Ötzi was discovered (6 km/4 miles from us as the crow flies, 1,700 m/5,600 ft. of elevation difference) are greatly dependent upon the weather. In order to carry this out, it is necessary to either be accompanied by a mountain guide or else to reserve a helicopter and to secure flight authorization on the part of the Office of Nature Parks.

You have the possibility of requesting the cofinancing of the mountain guide or the flight from the Associazione Turisitca Val Senales (Val Senales tourism bureau).

Miscellaneous: We will make available an escort who is familiar with the area for photography or video recording both on our premises and at the discovery site.

You do not need any written permission for photography or video recording if you are working on behalf of the South Tyrol Marketing Society, the Merano Marketing Society, the Schnals Valley Tourist Office, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, or similar institutions. Nevertheless, please make your appointment for shooting with us well in advance.