By 1998, the time had come to share with the interested public at large the knowledge about the Schnals Valley that had been obtained up to that point through archaeological excavations and sondages.

At the archaeologically interesting points, the Schnals Cultural Association, in cooperation with the Pro Vita Alpina Ötztal of Austria, erected copper steles with information for hikers. The paths were marked with signs and included in all of the popular topographical maps of the region – Tabacco: sheets 43, 44, and 04 (1:25,000), Kompass: sheets 42. 43, 52, and 53 (1:50,000), and Freytag&Berndt: sheets S2 and S8 (1:50,000). Ötzi’s stylized copper axe serves as the symbol for the trail markings.



Hiking on the Archeological Trails


A2, A3 e A4 during the migration of the sheep


Museums and  places of cultural interest along the Archeological Trails


Downloads in italian language

A1 Maso Corto – Grawand – Lago Finail – Maso Finail – Maso Tisa – Vernago [pdf]
A2 Madonna – Vernago – Val di Tisa – Rifugio Similaun – Giogo di Tisa – Vent [pdf]
A3 Vent – Masi di Rofen – Giogo Alto – Rifugio Bella Vista – Maso Corto [pdf]
A4 Maso Corto – Giogo Taschl – Talatsch – Corces [pdf]
A5 Certosa di Senales – Malga di Pinalto – Forcella Bassa – San Martino al Monte – Laces [pdf]
A6 Laces – Castelbello – Castel Juval – Monte Santa Caterina [pdf]
A7 Monte Santa Caterina – Malga Obermair – Dick – Lint – Naturno [pdf]
A8 Val di Fosse – Casera di Fuori – Malga Rablaid – Maso Gelato – Grubalm [pdf]
A9 Unterstell – Neuräutl – Compaccio – Naturno [pdf]
A10 Maso Corto – Giogo del Santo – Laghi di Saldura – Glieshof – Ganglegg – Sluderno [pdf]
A11 Kalm – San Martino in Passiria – Matatz – Flon – Breiteben – Platt [pdf]
A12 San Leonardo in Passiria – Castel Giovo – Sant’Ippolito – Stulles [pdf]
A13 Crinale di Giovo [pdf]
A14 Platt – Ulfas – Giogo Strizon [pdf]
A15 Valle del Rombo ‒ Giogo del Rombo [pdf]
A16 Val di Fosse – Maso Gelato – Malga Gurgl – Passo Gelato – Obergurgl [pdf]
A17 Val Passiria – Timmelsalm – Windacher Schartl – Windachtal – Sölden [pdf]



Alpine guides and hiking guides:
Association of South Tyrolian Mountain Guides, South Tyrolean hiking guides Nordtiroler Bergsportführerverband.

Museums and places of cultural interest:
A2: Sanctuary of Madonna di Senales.
A4: St. George Church close to Corzes, St. Giles Church close to Corzes.
A5: Chartusian Monastery “Allerengelberg” in Senales.
A6: Church of Our Dear Lady on the Hill in Laces, Castelbello Castel, Juval Castle.
A9: St. Prokulus Church in Naturno, Museum of St. Prokulus.
A10: Archeological site of Ganglegg close to Sluderno, Castelcoira castel at Sluderno, Val Venosta Museum .
A12: Museo Passirio, Giovo Castel.
A14: Bunker Mooseum.
A15: Mining Museum Monteneve Passirio.

Transhumance (A2, A3, A4 e A15):
Migration of the sheep

Merano and environs, Val Venosta Valley, Ötztal(A) .


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