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archeoParc Schnals Museumsverein
Unser Frau 163
I-39020 Schnals Italy
Recognition as a legal entity with resolution no. 409/1.1 of December 30, 2011 by the Provincial Government, entered into the Provincial Register of Legal Persons under civil law with number 405.

Tax identification no./VAT no. IT02539960217
Commercial Register number REA 200952
I.N.A.I.L. company code 020179468131
I.N.P.S. registration number 1412403894/00

All of the documents concerning our social and employment contributions being in order and the traceability of flows of payment are available here for download: (in Italian)
President: Sonja Santer
Members of the Board of Trustees 2015-2019: Otto Rainer (vice president), Patrizia Pixner, Matthias Gamper, Gerhard Müller, Angelika Fleckinger (co-opted), Johanna Niederkofler (co-opted),  Simone Bacher (co-opted).
Museum Director: Johanna Niederkofler

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