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  • 5th Prehistoric Championship in Val Senales valley

    It was again a fantastic time we spent together at the end of September! Please find here some of the pictures Peter took and download the ranking list.


    P.S. The next Val Senales Championship will take place the last weekend of September 2017 (September 23-24).

  • The construction site on November

    The archeoParc closed for visitors on 6 November and now the construction site is ready for winter too: the last works for this year are done and the houses ready to outlast until springtime, when works will continue…

    The larch-shingle roof of the house Villandro Plunacker was finished just in time.


    Also the house Parma-via Guidorossi is winterproof. The roof and the missing side walls will be added in springtime.


    The house Brescia-San Polo was the first to be completed and seems to deal well with the first snow and ice.

  • A view from above

    For our new site map Fritz Götsch from Video Aktiv took pictures from the visitors centre, the open-air area and the construction site with a drone. Here some photos of the archeoParc seen from a bird’s-eye perspective, framed by the autumn coloured larch forest .

  • Visitor’s book October 2016

    Muchas gracias por esté luegos donde se aprende mucho.

    Es war sehr, sehr schön! Und das Stockbrot war lecker!
    Emil aus Köln

    Molto bello, mi è piacuto tanto, il vostro archeoparc è stato bellissimo.

    Thank you for this interesting and educational visit!
    Martijn & Jennifer

  • First time on water

    Our dug out mastered its first water-trip at the archeoParc fish pond. The coming sommer it will be ready to carry also our visitors!

  • Wood in the rural architecture

    Wednesday, 26 October we were glad to house a presentation by Dr. Helmut Stampfer at the archeoParc Cafeteria.

  • Visitor’s book September 2016!

    Große Klasse! Der Herr Museumspädagoge ist super toll. Vielen Dank für einen abwechslungsreichen und kurzweiligen Nachmittag!
    Sylvia Böttcher, Florian und Kinder

    Zum Geburtstag alles Gute und weiterhin viel Glück für die „Ötzi-Welt“ wünschen Hannelore und Sylvia aus Osnabrück/Oldenburg

    Wir wünschen weiterhin viele nette Urlauber und Gäste die ins Tal kommen, nicht nur am Geburtstag vom Ötzi.
    Thomas und Anja

  • What’s going on at the construction site…

  • And the winner is…

    Saturday: At the archery competition of the European Championship for Prehistoric Weapons in Val Senaels valley the winner in the category men is Daniel Müller (CH), followed ex aequo by Kurt Mischler (CH) and Patrick Weyeneth (CH).
    In the category women prevailed Karen Storks (D). Conny Heinzelmann (CH) and Bärbel Berhorst (D) are in second and third place.
    In the category children Kilian Diehm (D) won the tournament ahead of Daniele Capitanio (I) and Alexander Mattasch (D).

    Sunday: The atlatl competition, category men, was won by Ansgar Lukas (D), Fritz Mischler (CH) arrived second and Reinhold Schnücker (D) third.
    Ursula Räss (CH) was the best woman, followed by Maike Lukas (D) and ex aequo Nadja Kiesewetter (D) and Conny Heinzelmann (CH).
    Kilian Diehm (D) won also the atlatl competition in the category children, on the second place arrived Liam Lukas (D) and on third place Tom Lukas (D).

  • 5. European Championship for Prehistoric Weapons in Val Senales valley

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Peter Santer

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Peter Santer

    Finally! Saturday, 24 September and Sunday, 25 September the archeoParc Val Senales for the 5th time organizes a competition of the European Prehistoric Championship. During the year there are hold competitions in different European countries in order to determinate the European Champion in the categories men, women and children. The participants from Germany, Austria, Swiss and Italy shoot with bow and arrow Saturday afternoon and with the atlatl on Sunday. Everyone is invited to come either as a spectator or as a participant in the non-competitive category.

    If you want more information check out the program and invitation.


  • Visitor’s book August 2016

    Man hätte was verpasst, wäre man nicht hier gewesen. Einfach begeisternd!
    Doris Beringer mit Familie

    Lieber Park, es hat uns super gefallen! Das Bogenschießen haben wir mindestens zweimal gemacht. Es war super toll! Eure vier Jankas
    Andreas, Michaela,Lena, Isabell

    La famille VanKleef et Vanderheyden a apprécié l’authenticité de ce musée. Bravo pour les futúrs ameinagements.
    De Chimay en Belgique

    Una perla di cultura incastonata in un paradiso di natura. Vivissimi complimenti
    Fam. Latini da Valmontone (RM)

  • What do you see on this picture?

    A guessing game for those who were here quite often…

    Lagerfeuer im archeoParc-Freilichtbereich<br/>Focolare nell’area all’aperto dell‘archeoParc<br/>Fireplace at the outside area of the archeoParc<br/><br/>September 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

    What lies on the blaze of the  campfire at the open-air area? Make a guess and write your tip to info@archeoparc.it until 30th September. Everyone who participates will take part in a drawing for a family ticket.

  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Tamara Lunger

    All pictures:


    Google Photo Share

  • The construction site on August and September

    28 August: Wulf Hein and his team managed to (almost) finish the archeoParc-dugout in four days. The finishing touches will be add in a few months and until then the silver fur-boat dries up in the shadow of the Val Senales larch forest…

    Arbeiten für das neue Areal im Freilichtbereich<br/>Lavori nell’area nuova della zona all’aperto dell’archeoParc della val Senales<br/>Working for the new outside area of archeoParc <br/><br/>August 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

    29 August: Lukas Kuntner and Andreas Oberhofer discussing the next steps:

    Arbeiten für das neue Areal im Freilichtbereich<br/>Lavori nell’area nuova della zona all’aperto dell’archeoParc della val Senales<br/>Working for the new outside area of archeoParc <br/><br/>August 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

    31 August: A happy day for all the museum educators of the archeoParc: the house Parma-Via Guidorossi , where will be hold neolithic days in the future, finally has his clay floor…

    Arbeiten für das neue Areal im Freilichtbereich<br/>Lavori nell’area nuova della zona all’aperto dell’archeoParc della val Senales<br/>Working for the new outside area of archeoParc <br/><br/>August 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

    2 September: The ridge of the house Villanuova sul Clisi-Monte Covolo is done:

    Arbeiten für das neue Areal im Freilichtbereich<br/>Lavori nell’area nuova della zona all’aperto dell’archeoParc della val Senales<br/>Working for the new outside area of archeoParc <br/><br/>August 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

    6 September: The house Villanders-Plunacker is plastered with clay:

    Arbeiten für das neue Areal im Freilichtbereich<br/>Lavori nell’area nuova della zona all’aperto dell’archeoParc della val Senales<br/>Working for the new outside area of archeoParc <br/><br/>August 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

  • 19.9.91

    Ötzi’s discovery date in a mowed meadow of the farm Obergamphof near the lago di Vernago Lake:

    Das Funddatum von Ötzi in einer gemähten Wiese in Vernagt<br/>La data del ritrovamento di Ötzi in un prato falciato a Vernago<br/> Mown meadow showing the date of the discovery of the Iceman 25 years ago <br/><br/>September 2016

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

  • Call for Papers Experimental Archaeology Conference in Leiden (NL)

    Please note this Call for Papers: The 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference is held over 20th to 22nd April 2017 at Leiden, Netherlands. The Call for Papers is currently open and will remain so until 1st September 2016. The organisers encourage papers that present new work in experimental archaeology, especially projects which strongly relate to the archaeological record or deal with ways of promoting experimental archaeology in academic research as well as communicating experiments to the academic community and to the public.

    EAC 10 is an EXARC associated event hosted by Leiden University, it runs annually at a variety of institutions across Europe.

    EAC Call for Papers

  • 3rd Bolzano Mummy Congress

    On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the discovery of Ötzi the third Bolzano Mummy Congress is hosted in September 2016. Experts on the fields of medicine, archaeology, anthropology, botany and other subjects are going to exchange information concerning the current state of research about Ötzi and the findings at the Tinsenjoch.

    Bolzano Mummy Congress schedule

    The following people will speak between the 19th and 21st September in the auditorium of the EURAC in Bolzano: Albert Zink, Angelika Fleckinger, Frank Maixner, Valentina Coia, Amaury Cazenave-Gassiot, Marek Janko, Thomas Rattei, Andreas Keller, Günther Kaufmann, Walter Leitner, Hubert Steiner, Andreas Putzer, Umberto Tecchiati, Annaluisa Pedrotti, Gerhard Sperl, Gilberto Artioli, Ivana Angelini, Caterina Canovaro, Benno Baumgarten, Günther Kaufmann, Alex Barker, Edward Liebow, Emlyn Koster, Klaus Oeggl, James Dickson, Wolfgang Müller, Walter Kutschera, Paolo Gabrielli, Patrizia Pernter, Paul Gostner, Stephanie Panzer, Chiara Villa, Niels Lynnerup, Oliver Peschel, Alexander Horn, Ursula Wierer, Paola Salzani, Niall O’Sullivan, Carney Matheson, Manuel Lizarralde, Martin Callanan, Sandra Lösch, Amelie Alterauge, Oliver Gauert, Valeria Mattiangeli, Valentina Depellegrin, Beat Schmutz, Marco Samadelli, Ludwig Moroder, Marcello Melis, Maximilian Moser, Francesco Avanzini, Rolando Füstös, Piero Cosi, Andrea Sandi, Frank Rühli, Patrizia Pernter, Catrin Marzol. Information about the schedule and registration is available on the EURAC-Website.

    On 20th September between 18:00 and 19:00 a Round Table with the topic Ötzi’s death is held, which engages in new conclusions to this issue. This is a public event in German language, which will be translated simultaneously. The event is concluded by an aperitif between 19:00 and 20:30.

    The Bolzano Mummy Congress was created seven years ago by the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman of the EURAC Bolzano. The third edition is organized by the EURAC in cooperation with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

  • Discover the construction site

  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Tamara Lunger on 30 August

    Tamara Lunger

    Every Tuesday from June to April, guided glacier tours take place to the discovery site of Ötzi, the Iceman, at 3,210 m (10,532 ft.) above sea level. The Ötzi Glacier Tour crosses along the main ridge of the Alps, an area of outstanding natural beauty, goes by the discovery site of the Stone Age mummy, the Similaun Refuge and down through the Tisen Valley. Who wants to experience this special day round trip in special company can’t miss out the appointment on 30 August, when Tamara Lunger is going to attend the tour. The thirty-year-old is one of the most popular extreme mountain climbers from South Tyrol. At the latest since Tamara Lunger made it to summit of K2 two years ago without the use of oxygen and without the help of Sherpas, she has been among the elite in the world of mountain sports.
    Further information and reservation

  • Visitor’s Book July 2016

    Ich fand es toll dass die Forscher so viel über Ötzi geforscht haben.

    Il museo è bellissimo! Abbiamo visitato con molto interesse e curiosità. Ci siamo divertiti tantissimo
    Eleonora, Massimo e Irene, Firenze

    Ci è piaciuto tutto: tiro con l’arco e macinare come gli uomini primitivi.
    Alice e Matteo

    Very interesting. Thanks!
    Mikaela Deaton

  • The conference of Herbert Niederfriniger on modern wood building techniques at archeoParc

  • The archeoParc construction site on August 2nd

  • Ötzi Glacier Tour with Hans Kammerlander

    All pictures:


    Google Photo Share



  • Construction site at June and July 2016

    Brescia-San Polo


    Parma-Via Guidorossi

  • Brescia-San Polo’s and Villanders-Plunacker’s last beams are placed

    The 8th of July we held a traditional topping out ceremony, the so called “Firstfeier” or “Richtfest” (this is how our friends from Germany call it). Many thanks to Reinald Tirler, Reinhold Kuppelwieser, Michael Stofner, Wulf Hein, Wolfgang Thiel and Lukas, Patrick, Ewald, Julian, Helmut, Karl, Sebastian, Finn and all the others for the marvellous work!!!!

    Enjoy the picture of the Brescia-San Polo house with the beautiful pinus cembra we placed atop of the new building:


  • We’ll open the exhibition on building the Parma-San Polo house on Sunday at 10 am. Looking forward in seeing you!

  • Visitor’s Book June 2016

    Wir hatten sehr viel Freude, besonders im Außenbereich. Hier hat uns ein hervorragender Führer in sehr geduldiger, interessanter u. freundlicher Weise begleitet. Wir bedanken uns besonders bei ihm.
    Gotthard u. Rita Kleß aus dem Schwarzwald/Deutschland

    Siamo venuti al museo di ÖTZI e ci siamo divertiti molto, GRAZIE ÖTZI

    Thank you for all I learned about this important era.

  • Archeologists from the universities of Trento and Münster visiting the construction site of Villanders-Plunacker house



  • Tourism Association Val Senales Valley celebrates Ötzi’s anniversary with its guests

    Nearly 25 years have passed since Ötzi was found in September 1991 at the Val Senales Valley. Different locations are going to organize events on the occasion of the jubilee:  open houses, celebrations, an academic conference at Bolzano, at the Ötztal Vallley and Val Senales Valley. The Tourism Association Val Senales Valley came up with something special for guest of member companies and other interested people: the Ötzi25-Card. With this card you can participate in different culinary and sportive events, get discounted tickets and visit the archeoParc for free. More information you can find on the Tourism Associations Website and at the hosts.

    >>Tourism Association Val Senales Valley

    ÖtziCard 25

  • Was Boden und Eis erzählen…

    Thursday, 9 June 2016: Presentation of the aerchological news from the val Venosta valley by Dr. Hubert Steiner and Dr. Andreas Putzer.


  • Men at work…The progress of our new open-air area


  • Visitor’s Book May 2016

    Es war toll, spannend, lustig, cool…tolle Sachen zu machen!!! Wir kommen wieder. – Nina

    Es war sehr schön hier und besonders gut hat mir das Speckstein schleifen gefallen. – Maya

    Le classi 3A e 3B di Riva del Garda sono rimaste entusiaste del museo e delle attività proposte! Grazie!
    25.05 2016

    I really liked the museum! – Mark

    Questo museo è spettacolare! Inoltre questa gita è stata la più bella dell’anno. – Giorgia Merli

  • Planting trees at the archeoParc

    In May we had two appointments on which we planted trees on our new out-side area with the help of the forest rangers of Naturno: the 18 May we invited the students of the elementary schools of Senales and the 22 May our visitors to make the archeoParc “greener”.

  • The memory game “Cimelia”

    As you probably know, “Cimelia” is the name of the current exhibition of the South Tyrolean photographer Daniela Brugger at the archeoParc-Cafeteria. It means “little treasures”. Let’s play with some of the pictures of the exhibition…

    How many clicks did you need?

  • Opening of “Cimelia”

    Eröffnung der Fotoausstellung „Cimelia“ von Daniela Brugger aus Karthaus<br/>Inaugurazione di „Cimelia“, una mostra della fotografa senalese Daniela Brugger<br/>Opening of the photography exhibition by the South Tyrolean photographer Daniela Brugger

    archeoParc Schnalstal, photo: Johanna Niederkofler

  • Visitor’s Book April 2016

    Die Führung durch das Museum war super beeindruckend!  – Klasse 4b GS Naturns

    Si congratula per il bellissimo museo. – Matilde e Giorgina e Gigi

    Oggi mi sono divertito un sacco. – Filippo M.

    I hope to see again – Mill

  • Excavator started digging

    The archeoParc will open new house reconstructions in autumn. Site work started today:

  • The first life of our dug out!

    The signed silver fir has been choosen to become the new archeoParc-dug out…the tree is approx. 70 cm large, 150 years old and grew at the mount Tramontana, Naturno.

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